Vandalism leaves books burnt and cars damaged in Winford

By Chew Valley Gazette in Crime

The weekend saw the village of Winford fall prey to the actions of vandals. In a spate of criminal damage incidents cars were damaged and a community-funded and volunteer run project was burnt.

The recently launched Books Box, a community project that turned a former telephone box into a library, was damaged when vandals set it alight on Saturday. Some books were burnt and destroyed but volunteers report that no children’s books were damaged in the very popular and well used telephone box library.

The damage has forced volunteers to close the Book Box whilst repairs are carried out, and volunteers are planning on having a repair and replant day this Wednesday to get the library back into operation.

Posting on Facebook Books Box volunteer Emma Strong addressed the unknown vandals behind the attack and implored them to join in with the community rather than attack, saying:

"How bored and frustrated do you have to be to smash a load of wing mirrors and attempt to burn a bunch of books? Don’t be bored. Felton need a hand to do up their box and there’re plenty of others you could do up. Get in touch. Let’s chat. Seriously, you and your mates can renovate a telephone box too. We’ve got plenty of spare paint. It’s loads of fun."

Emma told the Gazette that as a result of the recent incident she would like to form a community community youth outreach project to held encourage local young people to engage with their community rather than be disenfranchised and carry out acts like those on the weekend.

Elsewhere in the parish homes have been burgled over the weekend. Unconfirmed reports are circulating that two houses and a garage in Regil were burgled whilst other property was stolen in Winford over the weekend, with residents reporting that the crimes were of a petty nature with the vandals and thieves going for a snatch and grab approach and taking advantage of the relaxed security as a result of the hot weather- with doors and windows open.

Residents are being urged to take a more precautions, and ensure no doors or windows are left open or unlocked on cars and houses when not occupied.

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