Metro Mayor Election: North East Somerset MP and Metro Mayor opponent urges constituents to vote in upcoming election

By Chew Valley Gazette in Politics

One of the leading opponents of the new post of West of England Mayor has urged his constituents to turn out and vote in the election on Thursday 4 May.

North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg campaigned against the post, arguing it was unnecessary and a dangerous step towards the restoration of the much-loathed Avon County Council.

However, Jacob is now calling for North East Somerset voters to turn out and vote to prevent the election being determined by Labour votes in Bristol, which is easily the largest authority in the West of England.

Jacob said: “I remain opposed to this concept. In particular, I am concerned it is going to lead to a return to the past mistakes and failure of Avon County Council.

“However, that concern would become a reality if the election is won by Labour, which is Bristol dominated.

“That outcome would be hugely detrimental to my constituents on key issues, including protection of the green belt and stopping communities like Keynsham being subsumed into Bristol.

“If my constituents do not vote, Labour will win by default and probably by the votes of Bristol alone. In that situation they will feel empowered to ignore the interests of North East Somerset.

“So I urge my constituents to join me in voting for Tim Bowles to stop Labour Bristol winning and starting a march to return to Avon.”

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