About Us

Some Background on Chew Valley Gazette

The Chew Valley & Wrington Vale Gazette is a monthly newspaper that has been reporting local news for local people for over 30 years.

Established in April 1984, the paper has expanded over the years, incorporating more villages and producing issues of greater length and a much higher volume of local stories.

The modern day Gazette now covers 100 square miles, reporting on the 42 villages and towns, three counties and four political constituencies that make up the Chew Valley and Wrington Vale.

Over the years the Gazette has helped to reveal important stories that not only affect individuals but the whole community. Created to serve the community the paper has been a vehicle to apply pressure on authorities holding them to account on issues that matter to residents, and has also helped to galvanize public awareness and support for local campaigns.

The paper has also continuously provided an affordable and effective platform for local businesses and organisations to promote and advertise their services.

The Gazette team endeavour to remain true to the words of the inaugural editorial from the newspaper’s founder: "Our aim is to inform, assist, amuse and interest you...We are not just another newspaper. We are the paper for you, reporting and commenting about you, and written by you."- Bill Carruthers (Gazette founder) April 1984, Issue 1.